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Regulations of the / portal

V 1.1. / 05/22/20185.



Data - data entered by the Users to the Website, data entered by the organizer Zawodów / Biuro Zawodów / IT services of the competition, data from the pages of equestrian federations (eg public data from the Polish Equestrian Federation websites, data from the FEI collection, etc.), data from our Partners and entities with whom we cooperate.

Account - a set of Data, administered by the Company, including personal data entered by a given User or made available to him and data about services and products made available to a given User on the Website.

Login - a process aimed at gaining access to the account, data collected in it, as well as enabling the use of products and services available on the Website.

Regulations - these regulations, which define the terms of use of the Website.

Registration - the activity carried out by the User, enabling the creation of an account.

Service - Internet service / available at operated and administered by the Company, which is a tool for, among others, making electronic calls to horse competitions by logged in users, entering results from the competition.

The company - "LiveJumping" limited liability company based in Leszno, ul. Świeciechowska 116, District Court for the city of Poznań in Poznań, 8th Commercial Department of the National Court Register, KRS:  0000694415 ; NIP:  6972340057 ; REGON:  368281815 ; e-mail: [email protected] telephone: +48 65 529 30 77; 

Agreement - means a contract concluded between the User and the Company at the end of the Registration, the subject of which is the User's use of the Website on the terms specified in the Regulations.    

User - a natural person who uses the Website

Order - User's declaration of will, aimed directly at the conclusion of a contract for the sale of paid services.



1. These Regulations define the terms and conditions of using the Website. Each User is obliged to take action to use the Website, read these Regulations and comply with its provisions. The Regulations are made available free of charge at, in particular when attempting the first login and / or during the Registration process, and the User has the right to record its content. Using the Website depends on the acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations, and the time and date of acceptance is recorded in the database of the Website. 

2. Every User who has an Account who has accepted the Regulations may use the Website. Registration on the Website is free.

3. The User has no right to:

a. to use the Website for actions violating the rights of third parties, actions incompatible with applicable law or provisions of these Regulations, 

b. systematic and repeated downloading of data from the servers of the Website, which may significantly destabilize the Website (DDoS attacks or similar in effect, leading to the destabilization of the Website or its temporary unavailability),

c. using other Users' accounts or sharing their Account with other Users, d. post unlawful content on the Website, violating the law or good manners,

e. use the Website or User Account for commercial or commercial purposes, or any purpose other than your own goals - in accordance with the purpose of the website - including making entries for the competition.

 f. copying the Website's operation and content, and attempting to decompile the applied solutions covered by the provisions on the protection of copyright and related rights.

4. The use of some functions and services offered by the Website may be paid for.

5. Any natural or legal person may register as well as accept these Regulations.



1. Registration can be done in two ways. Registration using the registration form is a standard registration, which is described in paragraph 2. In the Registration process, the User sets up an Account and is obliged to accept the Regulations of using the Website. 

2. In the Standard Registration process, complete the registration form available on the website In the form, the User gives his e-mail address, defines the password. During the Registration, an activation link is sent to the e-mail addresses provided in the registration form. In order to complete the Registration, the User should click the activation link, the activation link is active for a short time from the moment of sending it to the e-mail address provided in the registration form. After this time, the activation link expires and registration is required again.

3. In the process of simplified Registration, it is possible to use the SSO solution (Single Sign On) offered by the Company or a third party (hereinafter referred to as SSO Provider), such as Facebook and Google. The list of SSO Providers available in the process of simplified registration is published in the registration / login form and may be changed by the Company at any time. The Company in no way guarantees the availability of Simplified or Simplified Log-in for the entire duration of the Agreement with respect to any SSO Provider. 

4. In the process of simplified Registration, the User agrees to provide the Company with the SSO Provider with such data as: an email address and a unique User ID from the SSO Provider system. These data are saved in the Website database and assigned to the User's Account.

5. After the Registration (both in standard and simplified mode), an Account assigned to the login is created, which is the e-mail address provided by the User in the registration form or obtained from the SSO Supplier, and between the User and the Company to conclude the Agreement . Obtaining access to the Website is conditional on accepting the Regulations.

6. For a User who has made a Standard or Simplified Registration, the Standard or Simplified Log-in option is available accordingly. Simplified logging to the Website results in the same effects as standard login. 



1. The Website may offer Users the possibility of using free services. Such services, if they are offered, are marked in a legible and understandable way as free services.

2. The Website may offer Users the possibility to use paid services. Such services, if they are offered, are marked in a legible and understandable way as paid services, entailing the obligation to pay remuneration by the User to the Company. The detailed rules for using paid services will be specified in the relevant Annex to these Regulations. The Company reserves the right to temporarily not offer Users the possibility to use paid services.

3. In order to take advantage of paid or unpaid services, the User is obliged to register (one-off operation) and then each time to perform the Login to the Website. Standard logging is done by entering the email address and password, and logging in is simplified by clicking the button corresponding to the SSO Provider selected in the SSO Registration process. The use of services also requires that the User has an Internet connection.

4. The content available on the Website, in particular the results of the competition, rider data, horse data, graphic materials, descriptions, content can be personalized with an individualizing a given copy (logo, watermark) by affixing identifying and / or secretly identifying data User. These designations are intended only to protect the Company and its copyrights and do not serve to collect any additional information about the User. By accepting the Regulations, the User agrees to such a designation and undertakes not to take any action to change or deprive the given resource of the sign.

5. The correct use of the Website and free and paid services, including making Electronic Requests, is required:

a. having an active and correctly configured e-mail account,

b. enabled JavaScript and acceptance of the possibility of saving cookies by the Website, c. active Internet connection allowing for two-way communication using HTTP and HTTPS protocols,

d. the ability to run one of the Internet browsers: FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera in current versions.


1. All personal data of Users (and if their Representatives are also applicable) are collected and stored on the terms specified in the Regulation of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and repeal Directive 95/42 / EC (RODO) and Polish regulations adopted to enable its use.

2. In the meaning of the above-mentioned regulation, the Company fulfills the role of personal data administrator in relation to these data.

3. The Company informs that while using the Website, short text information called "cookies" may be stored on the User's computer. Installation of the above files is necessary for proper use of the Website. Cookies contain information necessary for the proper functioning of websites, in particular those requiring authorization.

4. More information on the scope and method of processing User's personal data and cookies used is available in the Privacy Policy:


1. Within the limits in which it is permitted in accordance with generally applicable laws, the Company is not responsible for: 

a. consequences of incorrect use of the Account by the User,

b. consequences resulting from taking over the User's access data (login, password) by a third party, if the reason is not solely for the Company, 

c. unlawful actions of third parties involving interference with the User's computer system, in particular burglaries and computer viruses,

d. entering unlawful data or related activities into the Service database if she did not know about it,

e. any User's damages arising as a result of preventing access to the Account and to its data as a result of receiving official notification or obtaining credible information about the unlawful nature of stored data,

f. any damage to the User resulting from incorrect sharing or inability to make his Account available for technical or organizational reasons on the terms set out in generally applicable laws,

g. any damage to the User resulting from temporary lack of access to Data,

h. loss of Data,

i. consequences of actions taken by Users who violate the provisions of the Regulations, unless specific provisions provide otherwise,

j. authenticity of Data provided by Users during Registration and use of the Website, content and correctness of data entered by Users or provided by third parties,

k. the consequences of making the Account available to the User to a third party.

l. data entered by the Organizer / Competition service that is inconsistent with the results signed by the Judges Committee and sent to the Relevant Equestrian Federation Authorities.

2. The company reserves the right to: 

a. improvement of the Website, including its modification in accordance with User's suggestions, as well as changes in its functionality and mode of operation, in particular in order to adapt it to applicable law or in accordance with new statistical data regarding distributions of features examined in the population, 

b. blocking any User account in case of suspicion of its use contrary to the provisions of these Regulations, in particular § 2 para. 3 or suspected unauthorized attempt to access the Data,

c. disabling the Website and temporarily stopping the provision of free services and paying for the time needed to properly perform administrative tasks related to proper security, archiving and protection of collected data, each time based on the announcement of a technical break,

d. the possibility of statistical analysis of the anonymised data collected on the Website and on the User's Account, in particular data regarding the ISU Profiles, for the purposes of conducting research related to improving the Website's operation and the services, tools and database content available therein in order to improve the quality of services provided.

3. The Company does not guarantee continuous availability of the Website and Data. The User must take into account the breaks in access to the Website and Data, in particular related to the necessity to introduce changes or maintenance of the Website. The company will endeavor to make the breaks as short as possible and made during the night hours. 


1. Within 14 days of Registration, the User may withdraw from the Agreement without giving a reason. Withdrawal from the Agreement requires submission of an appropriate electronic statement sent to the address [email protected] or in writing to the Company's address.

2. To keep the withdrawal period from the Agreement, it is sufficient for the User to send information on the exercise of his right to withdraw from the Agreement before the end of the above-mentioned period. deadline. Submission of a statement of withdrawal from the Agreement results in the removal of the Account and the loss of access to the Website.

3. The User has the right to terminate the Contract at any time with immediate effect.

4. The User may terminate the Agreement electronically, using the functions available on the Website or by submitting an appropriate statement electronically (address: [email protected] ) or in writing to the Company's address.

5. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement concluded with the User in the case of:

a. breach of the Agreement by the User, in particular in the case of providing false Data in the registration form - with immediate effect,

b. the need to delete the Account - with immediate effect, 

c. in other cases - with a 30-day notice period. 

6. Termination of the Agreement by the Company takes place on the basis of submitting a declaration of intent to the User electronically, in particular by sending it to the e-mail address provided by the User in the Account, which is considered effective in providing this information.

7. Termination of the Agreement concluded between the User and the Company entails the deletion of the Account and the deletion or anonymisation of Data related to this Account, subject to the relevant provisions of the Privacy Policy. Termination of the Agreement also results in the User losing access to the Website.



1. Complaints of the User regarding non-performance or improper performance of the Agreement or provision of services provided for in the Regulations shall be submitted in writing to the Company's address indicated in §1 of these Regulations or by email to the address [email protected]The complaint should be submitted within 2 months from the date on which the Agreement / service was performed improperly or was not performed. The Company provides in writing a response to the complaint within 30 days of its submission to the address indicated in the complaint letter as the contact address of the User or to the e-mail address provided in the Data available on the User's Account. 

2. The Company undertakes to take all actions to ensure fully correct operation of the Website, to the extent that results from the current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove within a reasonable time, as far as technical and organizational capabilities, any irregularities reported by Users.

3. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Company of any irregularities or interruptions in the functioning of the Website.



1. Any disputes between the Company and the User regarding the provision of services on the Website will be settled in the first place amicably, and if they are ineffective, they will be heard before the competent court according to the provisions of Polish law.

2. The Company reserves the right to change the Regulations for important reasons. Important causes are:

a. introducing new or changing existing generally applicable laws,

b. changes or emergence of new interpretations of generally applicable legal regulations as a result of court decisions or decisions of public authorities and public administration affecting the provisions of these Regulations, 

c. changing products and services to market conditions related to technical, technological and IT developments affecting the provisions of these Regulations,

d. adaptation of products and services to changing regulations and regulations to which they indirectly relate 

e. extending or changing the functionality of existing products and services affecting the change of these Regulations.

3. Each User shall be informed in advance about the content of amendments to the Regulations by means of a message displayed after logging in to the Account in a way that allows the recording and reproduction of the amended TERMS AND CONDITIONS in the ordinary course of action. The new version of the Regulations binds the User if within 14 days from the date of the User receiving information about the change in the Regulations, the User does not submit a statement on the lack of acceptance of the new Regulations. Submitting a statement on the non-acceptance of the new Regulations is tantamount to termination of the Agreement.  




1. The provisions of this Annex constitute general conditions of contracts for the provision of services, including free services, referred to in §4 para. 1, and paid services referred to in §4 para. 2 by the Company via the Website for Users.

2. Services are free of charge in airtightness: Creating a User Account, Deleting a User Account, Electronic Application Submission, Viewing Online Results on the Website.

3. Users have the right to place Orders for the purchase of paid services included in the Website's offer. The current offer is available on the Website and may be subject to change.

4. The Regulations apply to all services, including §8 par. 1 of these Regulations. 

5. Information referred to in art. 12 para. 1 point 1, 5, 16, 17 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, as well as other information required by law, are always posted on the website maintained as part of the Website, on which it is possible to place an Order for the purchase of a service. The Company reserves the right to accept only selected forms of payment specified in paragraph 1 in respect of individual paid services. 13 of this Annex, which will always be marked on the website maintained as part of the Website on which it is possible to place an Order.

6. The contract for the provision of a paid service is concluded with the User at the time of the User's direct submission to the Company for the provision of this service under the condition precedent of full payment for the service. 

7. According to art. 38 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, the right to withdraw from a distance contract is not available to the consumer in respect of contracts:

a. for the provision of services, if the entrepreneur has fully performed the service with the express consent of the consumer who was informed before the service begins that after the entrepreneur has fulfilled the benefit he will lose the right to withdraw from the contract,

b. in which the object of the service are sound or visual recordings or computer software delivered in a sealed package, if the packaging has been opened after delivery,

c. for delivery of digital content that is not stored on a tangible medium, if the fulfillment of the service started with the consumer's express consent before the deadline for withdrawal and after informing the entrepreneur about the loss of the right to withdraw from the contract.  

8. In the case of services other than those referred to in paragraph 8 above, the User has the right to withdraw from it subject to the provisions of paragraph 1 within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract for the provision of services. 7 of this Annex. The declaration of withdrawal should be submitted in writing to the Company's address indicated in §1 of these Regulations or by e-mail to the address [email protected]

9. The Company declares that all materials provided to Users as part of the provision of services are protected under the Act on Copyright and Related Rights. The Company retains all rights to the materials made available to Users as part of the provision of services. 

10. Unless the license agreement states otherwise, the User who has acquired any right to use the materials / content as part of the provision of services may use them only for their own purposes and in accordance with their purpose and contract, i.e. reproduce in electronic devices, introduce to memory computer or other appropriate devices to get familiar with their content. 

11. It is not allowed to:

a. reproduction of digital files,

b. using the content of the materials in whole or in part for purposes inconsistent with the law or infringing the rights of third parties,

c. changing the electronic structure (eg format) or other modifications (eg removing protections or markings) of materials transferred in digital form,

d. distribution of materials, selling, sharing or public recreation, regardless of the purpose and form of these activities,

e. renting content or putting it to use or use by third parties,

f. any commercial use of materials / content. All materials and content made available on the Website as part of the services are subject to the protection provided for in the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws of 2006 No. 90, item 631, as amended). Distribution, duplication, lending, public sharing and modifying or making available on the Internet over the law provided for without express consent of the Company is prohibited.

12. Payment for purchased paid services may be made in the following form agreed with the User on the basis of VAT issued, based on information provided by the Ordering Party. Fraud detected by the Company will be reported directly to the competent authorities.

13. Acceptance of these Regulations by the User is the basis for the Company's presumption that during the entire period of using the service, the User has a permanent place of residence or usual residence (within the meaning of Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 282/2011 laying down implementing measures to Directive 2006 / 112 / EC on the common system of value added tax) on the territory of the Republic of Poland. If the User makes any purchase on the Website, he shall be obliged to inform the Company of a country of permanent residence or usual residence, other than the Republic of Poland, as well as to change this place each time. Information on this subject should be sent to the Company at the address [email protected]immediately, but no later than within 14 days from the date of purchase or change of place. Based on this information, the Company will correct the settlement of the purchase amount in accordance with the VAT rate applicable in this country.

14. The Company does not guarantee continuous availability of services and Data, the User must take into account the interruptions in access to services, the Website and Data, in particular those related to the necessity to introduce changes or maintenance of the Website.

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