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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

On our websites and, hereinafter referred to as the Website, we respect your right to privacy. On this page you will find our position on the collection, processing and use of information about users.

What personal information is collected and used?

Users using our services remain anonymous until they decide otherwise. The information contained in the system logs (eg IP address) resulting from the general principles of Internet connections is used by the websites and for technical purposes related to the administration of our servers. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general, statistical demographic information (eg about the region from which the connection takes place).

Subscribing to the services offered by and, such as setting up a user account or organizer account, requires filling out a form in which you must provide information that allows you to contact the user (eg e-mail address) and information necessary to make an electronic registration for the competition (eg age, gender, horse name, etc.). The information provided in the form is used by us to register for selected professions and to better adapt the content and advertising we present to their needs and interests. Demographic data (eg age, sex, city) can also be combined with selected operating data (e.g.

How is information protected?

The form filled in by the user when subscribing to and, as well as the authorization process (login) to our resources is carried out using secure SSL protocol, which significantly increases the protection of data transmission in the Internet .

The information is stored and processed by the websites and with appropriate security measures that meet the requirements of Polish law.

Is the personal information provided available to other entities?

The websites and contain or will contain websites (eg chats) in which the user's content (eg opinions, questions, etc.) becomes publicly available. The user may publish his content on these websites only after authorization and decides how they are to be signed.

At and, based on the information obtained, they prepare aggregate statistical statements that are disclosed to third parties. Such statements do not contain data allowing the identification of individual users.

The right to access, correct and delete user information on the websites and provides each user with a profile page available after logging in. This site allows you to view, modify and delete your personal data about and 

Each user has the right to request the deletion of his data at any time. The User can do it on their own after logging in to their account at and, and then go to the User Profile management menu and select the option to delete their account and related data.

In the event that the user considers such a solution insufficient, he may write to: LiveJumping Spółka z o.o., ul. Święciechowska 116, 64-100 Leszno or send a request to delete data to the contact e-mail address: [email protected].

Freedom of choice and give their users the opportunity to choose whether and to what extent they want to use the services and provide information about themselves. Most of our services are available without having to provide information about themselves, only some services and services require a user account. Having a user account at and is a voluntary decision of the user and he may at any time resign and delete his profile in whole or in part.

Our goal is to ensure the utmost protection. The development of technology and the development of the offer and cause that our privacy policy may undergo changes, which we will inform about on these websites. and are open to all opinions, comments and questions of their users regarding the confidentiality of information. You can contact us electronically or by post. Details are available in the tab:

A glossary of useful concepts

The following descriptions are not strict definitions. Their purpose is only to approximate some of the terms used in this document.

  • cookie - this is a small information saved by the server on the user's computer, which the server can read when you reconnect to this computer,
  • system log - this is information that the user's computer transmits to the server at each connection, it may contain various data (eg IP number), from which it is possible to determine more or less precisely where the connection was from,
  • IP address - an individual number, which usually has every computer connected to the Internet, IP number can be permanently connected to a given computer (static) or assigned to it for a given connection (dynamic),
  • SSL protocol - a special standard for data transmission on the Internet, in which the transmission is coded, in contrast to ordinary transmission, where the transmission takes place in the open text,
  • profile page / user- launched by and a special page at with which each saved / Registered user can modify information given and configure services :  
  • other technologies (eg local storage) - go to Cookie Policy

Also, read our Cookie Policy and other technologies .

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